Member Advertising Guidelines

Just as a reminder, applicable law and regulations require our member credit unions to:

  • Prominently display the MSIC sign (logo) at each business location (including the credit union's website).
        *Note that this requirement applies to all business locations, not just deposit taking facilities.

In addition, in order to comply with both Massachusetts law and NCUA regulations, MSIC Advertising Guidelines strongly recommend that our members:

  • Display the MSIC sign (logo) additionally at each location required by the NCUA for the NCUA official sign.
  • Display MSIC's counter tents at each teller station and member service representative's desk.
  • Display MSIC's Certificate of Insurance at each branch in a location visible to members

Our official advertising guidelines are available for online viewing and download. (click for advertising guidelines). Please refer to these guidelines if you have any questions.

If your credit union needs additional decals for the windows or doors, counter tents for the teller stations or Certificates of Insurance for the branch lobby, we will supply them to you free of charge.

If you have any questions please contact our Member Services Representative by calling: 1-800-622-4015.